Friday, December 30, 2011

Gift Bags are a Rip Off.

Gift bags are one of the biggest rip offs of all time.  You can pay up to $7 at a big chain store for a paper gift bag and some tissue.  Can you say "Big Rip Off?"

Go to the dollar store and buy a gift bag for $1.  Buy a package of neutral (white) tissue for the gift bag.  This will allow you to recycle future gift bags with new tissue paper that doesn't clash.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I hate wrapping gifts, and happen to think that the gift bag, while one of the biggest rip-offs, is also one of our greatest inventions.  And if you give me a Christmas gift in a gift bag, you may see that same gift bag next Christmas.

Also, I never write my name on the label on the gift bag.  I view the gift bag to be part of the gift--the opportunity for the recipient to recycle it on someone else.  Plus, I save the Justin Bieber and iCarly bags for my friends.

You just saved $6.


The Frugal Maestro


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