Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Trees - Go Artificial

There are Real Christmas Tree people, and Artificial Christmas Tree people.  It all depends on how you were raised, who in the marriage has the stronger opinion, etc.

Every year, people make a tradition out of cutting down a tree in the snowy woods, or haggling with some Christmas Tree dealer in a lot somewhere.  Prices vary by region, but larger trees generally cost $60 to $80, and smaller trees generally cost $35 to $50.  The tree lasts a few weeks, and the needles fall out, and you throw it out.  The following year, you spend $60 to $80 again, and repeat until you die.

I grew up with the almighty artificial tree.  I bought my tree on 12/26/1996 at Kmart for $50 (half-off Christmas decorations).  You can spend in upwards of $600 for a beautiful artificial tree.  I checked the websites for Kmart, Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot.  All have nice artificial trees ranging from $50 to $200.  Amazon has trees ranging from $30 to ... (plus shipping).

That's a one time expense.  Heck, my Grandfather, in his later years, stored his decorated tree away in a closet.

It's a question of sentimentality versus cost.  You can save $80 a year after that one initial investment.  Check Kmart or Walmart or Lowes or Home Depot on December 26th.  Maybe Amazon will have some deals too.

That's a savings of up to $80 a year.


The Frugal Maestro


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