Thursday, May 17, 2012

Borrow Books from Library Instead of Buying Them

The Library is a great resource that is often overlooked.  Free books, newspapers, and internet.  In addition, a quiet and relaxing place to study, read, and write.

In addition, they have free books.  Why are you buying them? 

Let's say you like to read.  You buy and read a book every two weeks, and you spend an average of $10 on that book.  That's $250 a year.  What if you could borrow that book from the library and read it for free?

It's generally easy to get a library card.  A library card application (available at your local library or sometimes available on your local library’s Web site. Some libraries, such as the New York Public Library offer online library card registration.)

You usually need:

1) A current photo ID with a valid address or two pieces of current identification, including one with your address.  These could include a personal check, a utility bill, a piece of recent postmarked mail, or a voter's registration card.

2) An application, which you can fill out at the library.

Kids under 14 generally need a parent's signature, along with the application, and parent's identification.

In this example, by replacing your "buy and read a book" habit with a "borrow and read a book" you just saved $260 a year.


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