Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Does Tire Pressure Improve Fuel Economy

Tire Pressure is always a moving target.  Sometimes they check it when you're getting your oil changed, sometimes they don't.  Half the time, the air filler gizmo at the gas station is broken, or takes quarters and I'm fresh out of change.  I'll fill them next time through.  Days turn into weeks.  Weeks into months.  You take a train track too hard here, a pot hole there.  Cold temps, hot temps.  Sometimes, your tire pressure is 10 pounds below.

According to fueleconomy.gov, every one psi drop in all four tires is worth 0.3 percent.  So tires that are 10 psi low equates to a 3 percent fuel economy degradation.

Using our 1000 mile per month, 25 miles per gallon, $3 gallon of gas model, you could save as much as $43.20.  Plus, properly filled and rotated tires last longer.


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