Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does Oil Type Improve Fuel Economy?

Whenever I'm getting my oil change, I peel the sticker off of my windshield because I'm somewhere slightly north of 3000 miles, and even though they can figure it out with their computer, I refuse to hand myself over that easily.

With that sticker missing, they always ask me what type of oil.  5W20?  10W30?  Natural?  Synthetic?  Does it really matter?

According to fueleconomy.gov, not following the recommended oil type (i.e. 10W30 in a vehicle that requires 5W30, can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 2 percent.

For someone who drives 1000 miles a month and gets 25 miles per gallon, with gas at $3 per gallon, you save $36 per year.  I drive triple that, so my savings is quite a bit more.


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